notable projects

Commissions, Collaborations, & Solo Projects


The Library of Babel

Janus Fouche - 2020
A collection of surreal texts, completely written by AI, plays out as a contemporary realisation of the short story by Jorge Luis Borges

Concept,Video Editing & Compositing

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Midnight Moment : To What End

William Kentridge - 2019
A massive public video installation on dozens of electronic advertising billboards spread thoughout Times Square, NY.

Video Designer,  Editor.
December 2019 Midnight Moment presented by Times Square Arts with Gallery Met at the Metropolitan Opera. Image courtesy Ka-Man Tse for @TSqArts arts.timessquarenyc.org

Mechanical Drum set

William Kentridge - 2019
A recreation of the mechanical drum set from Refuse the Hour
Software Designer, Circuitry Designer

The Mouth Is Dreaming

William Kentridge - 2019
A work-in-progress presentation of the harsh phenomenon of informal miners in Johannesburg
video editor

5 Songs for Shadow and Synthesizer

Janus Fouche - 2019
An abstract narrative expressed through a sound and light installation
Software Engineer, Artist


William Kentridge - 2018
A model video installation, based on the large-scale stage production: The Head & The Load
Video Editor

The Head & The Load

William Kentridge - 2018
A Large-scale stage production on the role of Africans in the first World War
co-video editor with Catherine Meyburgh (Video Designer) & Žana Marović

Future Spaces Concept

Library Projects - 2018
Interaction Design, Lighting Sequencer, Sound Design

Sonic Organism I

Janus Fouche - 2018
a living algorithm that manifests solely as a living sound-scape
Software Engineer, Artist
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Distant Synth I

Janus Fouche - 2017
A self-made musical instrument: drone machine and deep harmony synth.
Software Engineer, Circuitry, Designer, Artist
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Euclidean Sequencer

- 2017
A generative video installation commissioned for the 2017 Deep Learning Indaba.
Software Engineer, Artist
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William Kentridge - 2017
A visual interpretation of the 1932 Kurt Schwitters sound poem
Video Editor, Video Performer


William Kentridge - 2017
An improvised mocap dance piece
Editor & Video Performer

Forgetful Trees

Janus Fouche - 2017
Thousands of virtual ants explore the world, leaving a trace of their path for others to follow. A scent-memory
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Shadow Painting Mechanism

Janus Fouche - 2017
A video-capturing algorithm, that uses frame-on-frame blending techniques to achieve a watercolour painted image.
Software Engineer, Artist

Spooky Looking City

Blessing Ngobeni - 2017
Video Editor, Motion Capture

dirge ( A x B ) XOR ( A+B ) AND ( A OR B )

Janus Fouche - 2016
An abstract minimalist exploration of the stroboscopic effect.
Software Engineer, Artist
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Right Into Her Arms

William Kentridge - 2016
A film installation is built into a mechanized panel proscenium structure with sliding and rotating panels, programmed to move as characters in the projection.
Video editor on the film elements, Circuitry designer, Software Engineer, Motion Designer
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Three electric creatures

Janus Fouche - 2015
Three electric artifical beings explore a dark digital room.
Software Engineer, Artist

O Sentimental Machine

William Kentridge - 2015
A 5-screen video installation, projected on surfaces of the Hotel Splendid Palas first floor lobby, on the Büyükada island of Istanbul.
co-video editor with Žana Marović

More Sweetly Play the Dance

William Kentridge - 2015
An 8 screen video piece, a procession of figures over a charcoal landscape.
Video Editor, Construction, Motion Capture

Return Of The Gods: The Ancient Ones

Deborah Bell - 2015
Interaction Design, Software Engineer

Notes Towards a Model Opera

William Kentridge - 2015
A 3 screen video piece, on the Chinese Cultural revolution and the events surrounding the time throughout the world.
co-video editor with Žana Marović
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Singer Choir/Chorus

William Kentridge - 2013
An interactive kinetic sculpture
Interaction Design, Software Engineer, Circuitry