Digital Artist

Janus Fouché is a South African digital artist, working in multimedia projects ranging from immersive interactive sound installations, virtual reality & animation, to self-organizing biological systems.

He focuses on AI and the digital space as a parallel, abstract, but increasingly present reality, with its own philosophy and aesthetics to be constructed, explored, and reflected upon, as a mirror of the systems and relationships of our own experience.

Fragments of both worlds are pulled into one-another to create new, unexpected relationships. Organic generative drawings of artificial life, Collages of film and animation meet motion captured puppets and mechanical anthropomorphisms.

He is most active as a collaborator, working with contemporary artists, composers and filmmakers: William Kentridge, Philip Miller, Catherine Meyburgh, Žana Marović, Gavan Eckhart, Library Special Projects [LSP], Marcus Neustetter, Jane Taylor, Mikhael Subotzky, Blessing Ngobeni,  Deborah Bell, Nhlanhla Mahlangu, João Orecchia, Julia Burnham.

While completing his postgraduate degree (hons) in Multimedia, he began an internship at the William Kentridge studio (2011), and in an ongoing subsequent working relationship has taken on editorial roles in several international Kentridge projects and performances. (most notably City Deep, Kaboom!, The Head & The Load, More Sweetly Play the Dance, and Right Into Her Arms)

He is a frequent collaborator at The Centre For The Less Good Idea in Johannesburg

Born in 1989 in Pretoria, South Africa
Bachelor's degree in Information Science (Specialization: Multimedia) UP 2010
Post-graduate degree (Hons) in Multimedia UP 2011
Lives and works in Johannesburg/Pretoria, South Africa

exhibitions and performances