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Moiré Elephant

Janus Fouché 2017

A texture study of moiré patterns

Moiré patterns are an optical illusion, that illustrate visually what a cross-modulated sound would look like.
There is an interference between two visually layered textures, and our sight. This interference creates secondary wave-forms, or ripples that distort and overwhelm the true object or image.
This is similar to how more complex sound waves are generated when two or more single-cycle frequencies are modulated.

A moiré pattern is created when a coordinated series of (slightly differently coloured) concentric rings are repeatedly drawn and moved.
Apart from the moiré, many different patterns and colours emerge from this internal dialogue.
In this piece, an organic texture similar to that of an elephant skin.

980X 670mm
Digital Print on Felix Schoeller 200gsm
Wooden Frame

unique print
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