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Social Cohesion: Explosion

Janus Fouché 2017

10, 000 individuals are born on a white page. Unseen but present is a structured, urban, ordered environment. They are all born into these lines. Their motivation is simple- to achieve progress, the detail of which is unclear, undefined, so we keep busy by doing what we know: to draw on the white page by moving, and always trying to fit in to the environment within which they find themselves, while keeping a safe distance from The Other.

It doesn't take long for our individual ambitions (so completely identical in goal, but unique in every execution) to subvert the structure they were born into. Both clarifying (and revealing cracks, corners, boundaries) and at the same time erasing the frame, drowning it in the noise of social chaos. A slow and necessary explosion.

Laser-Engraved Acid-Free Watercolour Paper
Floated in Glass and Wooden Frame

edition of 2
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