Moiré Pyramid

Moiré Pyramid

Janus Fouche 2017

A moire texture, when burned into paper, becomes a wood-grain.
A laser is used to engrave, burn, directly into the paper.
These textures are more a transformation of the material than a drawing or image. The laser is a meticulously controlled flame, carving and burning a pixel at a time.

Moiré patterns are an optical illusion, that illustrate visually what a cross-modulated sound would look like.
There is an interference between two visually layered textures, and our sight. This interference creates secondary wave-forms, or ripples that distort and overwhelm the true object or image.
This is similar to how more complex sound waves are generated when two or more single-cycle frequencies are modulated.

In this piece, a seres of lines, overlapping at different angles, bring about a subtle wood texture.

laser-engraving on acid-free watercolour paper
edition of 3
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