cluster-formation algorithm, Variation I

cluster-formation algorithm, Variation I

Janus Fouche 2019

Emergent drawings that stem from a self-sustaining algorithm.
This algorithm does not use statistics to sell advertising,
or attempt to mimic artists (as many do). Commonly used contemporary AI and data systems are
known to make decisions and provide answers without transparency in their process.  

The cluster Formation algorithm is a demonstration purely of process, with no data asked or answers

A group of virtual agents follow a constructed set of physical laws. They are a form of Artificial Life.
Their existence is abstracted from ours, with a minimal collection of functions within these laws,
and thoughts. Visually, they exist only as single dots on a page.
By occupying the same space, with the (limited) ability to move, and with relationships to
one-another, they gradually bring about the drawing we see.
The way they interact is carefully adjusted and balanced to coax a more coherent pattern,
But all we see remains a side-effect of their dance, rather than an intention to create a particular

1m x 1m
Digital Print, Self-Organising Algorithm, on German Etching Paper (Hahnemühle)
edition of 3
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