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A Shell of Words

Cluster-formation algorithm, Variation II cluster-formation algorithm, Variation I Forgetful Tree Lifespan with Obstacle A

Feature extraction

Neural Threads B Neural Threads A Neural Landscape B Euclidean Sequencer C Euclidean Sequencer B Euclidean Sequencer A Forgetful Tree D Forgetful Tree C Forgetful Tree A Forgetful Tree B Forgetful Tree 1250 generations Anamorph C Moiré strip B Machine learns to draw: a Pyramid Anamorph B Anamorph - Work In Progress Anamorph A Moiré strip A Moire Texture Study Emergent Circles Wavegrams for Lunetta Social Cohesion/Explosion Machine learns to draw: a Circle Moiré Pyramid Sight from Rain Schumann Resonances - Datagram Narrative A

Datagrams 1 Datagrams 2 Datagrams 3 Datagrams 4