The Library of Babel

The Library of Babel

Janus Fouche 2020

A collection of surreal texts, completely written by AI, plays out as a contemporary realisation of the short story by Jorge Luis Borges

Set against the darkened, half-silvered canvas of the Pepper’s Ghost, a series of animations, abstractions, and visual motifs leads the viewer further into the machine, as words and narratives begin to play out before us. Text is fed through the machine, and re-authored by the algorithm, resulting in a fragmented narrative that oscillates wildly between dystopic speculation, blunt laconicism, and the machine's own cerebral ramblings, all stemming from the historical corpus of human writings. 
Description by | Dave Mann

Watch a 2 minute recorded extract here

Concept & Research Contributions by | Jane Taylor
Cinematography by | Duško Marović, SASC
Text Generator Software by | Adam King using GP-2 by OpenAI

Centre for The Less Good Idea, Season 7